AFT 1481 member recognized for her great work protecting our schools from fraud

Celebrating Our Members!!!AFT Local 1481 would like to thank Elsa Roberts, one of our fantastic members in the BISS (Business & Instructional Support Services Unit) bargaining unit, for her excellent work as Terra Nova High School’s Cashier.

Her careful and thorough work helped prevent the school from being defrauded of nearly $500 as a part of a larger scam that has been attempted over 70,000 times at other schools across the country, according to reporting by the Pacifica Tribune and CBS SF Bay Area.

In light of the country’s major shift to adopt the new Common Core State Standards, many publishers have been competing to sell textbooks, rubrics and other curricular materials that are allegedly Common Core aligned. In this landscape, it seems that criminals have found a way to take advantage of the many new purchases happening at schools across the country. In this case, KPIX identified Robert Armstrong as the perpetrator of the operation which tried to sneak a fake invoice past Elsa. The New Jersey based Armstrong had been involved in sending out bills, typically for $647.50, and, as a result, managed to funnel $283,000 into five different bank accounts. Thanks to Elsa’s work, Terra Nova was not amongst the many schools who were tricked into helping amass this small fortune.

Read about the applaudable work of fellow AFT 1481 member, Elsa Roberts, as covered in the February 25-March 3 edition of the Pacifica Tribune and an article over at CBS SF Bay Area.