Get to know Terra Nova High School at this week’s open house

20150317 Terra Nova HS Open HouseThis Thursday, March 19, Terra Nova High School will be opening its doors to community members during its first-ever open house event. This is a great opportunity for residents of the communities that JUHSD serves to learn first-hand about all the opportunities Terra Nova has to offer. Guests will have plenty of opportunities to meet many AFT 1481 members who work hard every day to make TN the excellent educational institution and workplace that it is. In fact, we can’t think of a better opportunity for community members to access the valuable insights and experiences of a school’s staff, students, parents, coaches, and alumni.

Our Terra Nova AFT 1481 members have put in an incredible amount of work beyond their daily duties to create this event. This was especially true of the event’s key organizers, School Secretary Michaela Christensen, Art Teacher Jennifer Stuart, Biology Teacher Perrin Belway, English Teacher Alyssa Jenkins, and Head Counselor Sabrina Wilson, who all volunteered to plan and coordinate the evening. “We have been planning this event for months,” explains Jenkins. “We plan on having students from every grade level and interest level in classrooms and roving about the campus, answering questions from anyone who comes to see what we do. Perrin Belway and Jennifer Stuart have been working very hard on the presentation boards which will display some of what we do in every club and class on campus, and Belway has compiled an impressive list of all of the different activities staff members are involved in on campus. Sabrina Wilson has been coordinating all of the students who will be on campus that night, and every department and department chairperson has been involved in the planning of this event. This entire production has been staff-initiated and staff-driven. It’s important to us that people come and see who we are and find out what it takes to be a Terra Nova Tiger.”

Events like this one are critical in reaching out to our broader communities. They foster important relationships between our schools and the people we serve. AFT 1481 believes that public schools should serve as community hubs, engaging our neighbors in the education of our students so that we all can come together to support our schools and public education in general. We applaud the Terra Nova staff for coming together and taking this initiative. Perhaps this can help potential parents make informed decisions about their options for high school, because there simply isn’t enough quality information available about the amazing things that are happening at each of our schools.

Jenkins explains that there is plenty that she and the TN staff would like people to know about their school: “Although Terra Nova’s arts and athletic events are open to the public, people very rarely get to see the rest of what Terra Nova has to offer. We pride ourselves on being the home of ‘Scholars and Champions,’ and we take this statement seriously. The open house will give parents and the community at large a chance to see a huge cross-section of what we do at Terra Nova High School and the amazing opportunities students have at our school.”

The event starts with a presentation at 6:30 p.m. in the Theater Arts Center, followed by opportunities to explore the campus, participate in interactive class demonstrations, enjoy student performances, and so much more.