Local art crew brings a shark frenzy to Oceana

This month, Peter Bogdanov and the artists from local tattoo studio, The Truth, have been hard at work bringing a real work of art to JUHSD’s Oceana High School. This week was particularly exciting, as three sharks popped up to form a gorgeous herd in just a few days time, each with beautiful, eye-popping realism and lighting effects. It’s a real treat for students and AFT Local 1481 members who are welcomed to school each day with this fantastic work of art.

Oceana HS Mural by Peter Bogdanov

[click the image to enlarge]

The above collage features screenshots from a time-lapse video on the left that provides a great inside look into Peter Bogdanov and the Truth Crew’s process. The central photo includes the artists who worked on this project alongside Oceana’s recently retired Principal, Caro Pemberton. Visit Peter’s portfolio site to see more shots of the mural and check out the rest of the work of this talented artist who has really brought something special to one of our school sites.


UPDATE: Apparently Peter’s talents are being utilized throughout our school district, as he’s recently designed the new Jefferson Grizzlies logo, did a bit redesign on the Terra Nova Tigers logo, and completed several murals at Terra Nova High School, including the one at the pool shown in concept above. According to his Facebook posts, it sounds like he’s also being tapped to do some mural work over at Jefferson High School soon. AFT Local 1481 is grateful to have such a talented community artist helping to beautify our schools.

Main photo above by Doug Slater at DougSlaterPhotography.com.